Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Breyerfest hint, and Beachcomber is showing up in some stores!

There's already a new Breyerfest hint on the blog! Wow, I didn't think they'd reveal two SRs in the same week. Or maybe they'll make us wait until Monday...who knows.
And just like that we're onto the next, Kaalee! For our next Special Run model the next clue is in the name. Keep checking the Breyer Blog to see the horse unveiled soon! could be referring to the Hindu goddess Kali. The most logical conclusion to draw from that could be some type of black mare, or so the discussion is going on Blab. From Wikipedia:

Kālī is the feminine form of kālam ("black, dark coloured"). Kālī also shares the meaning of "time" or "the fullness of time" with the masculine noun "kāla"—and by extension, time as "changing aspect of nature that bring things to life or death." Other names include Kālarātri ("the black night"), and Kālikā ("the black one").

So, a black Yasmin, maybe? Or...a glossy black Yasmin? Ooh, that would be nice. But it would be kind of similar to Sokkar; not sure if Breyer would want to do that. Another enterprising Blabber discovered that "kaalee" is the Hindu word for pepper, but I haven't been able to find a source for that. Perhaps this refers to a (glossy?) dapple gray Yasmin, instead? For what it's worth, I figured it was an alternate spelling of Kali, so I'm going to stick with the black Yasmin theory. Just as long as the model doesn't look like this, I guess?

In other, less exciting news, Beachcomber models are becoming available to the general public, and it looks like they're selling out fast! She certainly seems popular. I'm not buying one, but don't wait too long to get yours, or they might sell out!

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