Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Breyerwest is this weekend!

I almost forgot Breyerwest is happening this weekend! Maybe that's why they haven't put any new hints on the blog this week. (Like scheduling posts in advance is really that hard...come on.)

Breyerwest 2017 will take place at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo in Albany, OR. In years past, Breyerwest had its own special run model you could buy, and the model horse show was a lot more like Breyerfest's show, with glossy prize models, volunteer models, etc. Nowadays it's been scaled down a bit, but I'd still like to attend someday.

I briefly thought about attending this year, but we would have had another situation like Chasing the Chesapeake back in October - no sleep at all on Thursday night due to my work schedule, then flying all day on Friday and taking in what we could on Saturday and Sunday before flying back - and there aren't any special runs to buy, nor do I show, so it wouldn't really be worth it other than seeing what Breyerfest models the Breyer staff has on display. Maybe another year, I guess. In the meantime, I'll have to wait and see what's on display - hopefully someone posts some photos promptly!

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