Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Classic - Coeur de Lion!

There's a new Classics special run on the Breyer website! He's a little mini-Lionheart:

  "Inspired by the popular limited edition Lionheart model, Coeur de Lion is ready to find a place of honor in your collection!  We've painted up a favorite Classics sculpt in a rich dunalino with metallic accents. He also has primitive leg barring and a dorsal stripe all topped off with a spotted blanket and heavy gloss. Coeur de Lion is exclusively offered to Breyer Collectors Club members first!* 1/12 scale and comes in a mail order box."

He looks really nice! Too bad I don't collect the Terrang mold...oh well. His price is only $25! I wonder why Triton was $35; his paint job can't have been more complicated than this. Get him here.

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