Saturday, October 29, 2016

Featured Model - 10/29/2016, JCPenney Pinto Susecion

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and make commentary about it. This week's victim is...the JCPenney Pinto Susecion!

This model was issued through JCPenney in 2006 with a matching Huck and Le Fire as the Pinto Half Arabian Family, item #410146. She was done on the popular Susecion mold #580, first introduced with Le Fire (#581) in 2002, both sculpted by Kathleen Moody. There's no indication of how many of these were produced, sadly, but they'll set you back a fair amount if you want to buy them now (trust me!).

I like this mare, despite how derpy her face looks when you look at her straight-on. Hasn't everyone had a look like that on their face at least once in their lives? Possibly shortly after giving birth? And I like her maternal devotion to her wobbly-legged foal. As a bonus, I like the way this model's color is executed - I've always liked a good buckskin (though it does beg the question of what breed this mare is, exactly - buckskin Paint Horse x Arabian?).

Susecion and Le Fire are a set of molds that just haven't been used all that much since their release, and when they are used the releases tend to be small. The original release ran for a respectable three years (in an era when most releases only get two). Then they were used for the 2008 Treasure Hunt; TH releases were technically regular runs, but only for the year. Everything else they've been used for has been limited in some way, including the droolworthy 2012 raffle set, Queen Mum and the Prince.

When I was thinking of names for this set, the only things I could think of were to use names derived from the Bold Impression/Decoupage/Impressionistic Page Connoisseur models. So I named this mare Cut Piece as a reference to the Yoko Ono performance art from the '60s

I think it's high time this set was used again - and the holidays are coming up! Let's see them get a release as the mare and foal set they've been doing for the last couple of years, with matching blankets. They could be named Noelle and Nick!

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