Friday, October 7, 2016

Diesel, the Penultimate Stablemate Club release, is available!

Wow, that was quick! Our gambler's choice Stablemate Club release is ready, and it's...Diesel, on the G4 Reiner mold!

The available colors are:

Glossy grullo pinto (aka Mauvelous)
Glossy red dun? brindle (Auction SCO from a couple years ago?)
Wedgewood blue
Glossy bay Appaloosa (looks like Bonne Fete)

They are shipped randomly, of course, so we won't know what colors we get until they arrive. Exciting!

Sadly, the reiner just isn't my cup of tea, so I'll be passing ours on to people who want them. So of the six releases in the club, four of them were on molds I don't collect. Hopefully that means next year's club will have better mold choices for me, providing they even continue it next year. I hope it hasn't resulted in too many headaches for Breyer, as it's a fun club. The last two releases have happened fairly early in their release month, so hopefully they have all the kinks ironed out now.

I'll be looking forward to the announcement of next year's Club! Hey, where's my yearly JAH, anyway?

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