Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Please don't be a cow...

At long last, a hint about the year's final Premier Club model has been posted! (Under Club News on the Breyer website.) Photo from the website:

As usual, someone at Breyer needs a grammar lesson. It's peek, not peak. Here's a highly useful illustration on the subject.

At first glance, I like the pattern; I'm a little iffy on how good the execution is going to be, though. We all remember how Wyatt turned out, and the Hermosa/Corazon set from last year had its issues, too.

That said, it definitely has promise, and I have no opposition to spotted horses. Someone on Blab, though, said it looks like a cow. kind of does? Which makes me nervous that it will, in fact, be some type of bovine. This is a Brigitte Eberl sculpt, though, and as far as I know, she isn't known for sculpting cows. That, and I think there would be a pretty big uproar if Breyer threw a cow into the mix. The Premier Club verbiage on the website explicitly says the Club is supposed to celebrate the artistry of model horses, however, so I wouldn't get too worried.

As for what breed this model is supposed to be, my vote would be for a Knabstrupper or perhaps some type of warmblood. We've already had one stock horse this year, so I doubt we'd get another one so soon. A Saddlebred would also be welcome - perhaps even a Spotted Saddle Horse? One can only dream.

Also, according to the sneak peek, this model is a mare! Whoo! More female representation is always appreciated. No word on when we'll see the full model - I'm hoping for tomorrow just because it seems like we should have found out what the darn thing is weeks ago! So the sooner, the better. I'll be crossing my fingers!

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