Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chasing the Chesapeake Day 2 Part Deux: Chestnut Boogaloo

Day 2 of Chasing the Chesapeake is over, with amazing results! First off, the centerpiece raffle model was a mealy chestnut Halla, whose name I forgot to ask them (all photos by me):

She's one of 20. She more or less fits the theme! And I may have won one...

We also got a few sneak peeks at some 2017 releases. Here's the first model in the 2017 Premier Club, sculpted by Morgen Kilbourne:

Nice, but not my cup of tea. It actually kind of looks like the Copperfox Fabio in a different stride. 

The other reveal was the first model in the 2017 Stablemate Club!

Again, it's nice, but I don't collect the G1 molds, so she'll get thrown on the sale pile.

The last peek was the Clydesdale Mare and Foal from the 2017 Vintage Club:

I had not realized they were glossy. Fun! I'm not going to join the 2017 Vintage Club, though, so I'm not too excited. (Edit: I guess I did know they were glossy and forgot. My bad!) Maybe next year will be a year I can finally cut back on model horse spending. 


HAHAHA! Oh, I really do make myself laugh sometimes. Oh well, I try.

Costume contest prizes ended up being leftover VC Lucky models - congrats to the winners, none of whom I got photos of! Oh well. There were a ton of amazing costumes, though!

Lastly, the silent auction lots consisted of:

Design Your Own Breyer
Caipirinha (2016 Breyerfest Volunteer)
Pack of 6 autographed Trad portrait models
Breyerfest 2016 vendor pack
Glossy Imperador das Aguas JM

I did not catch how much any of these ended for, but the last I heard, the Design Your Own Breyer was at $3000, the glossy Imperador was at $450 and Caipirinha was at $250 (presumably he went up). 

So, all that's left of the event is tomorrow's shopping extravaganza at the Breyer Boutique! Here's hoping one of us gets a good spot in the line!


  1. I am loving your blog - you write very well! Had to go back and read all the old entries when I found it. Keep up the good work!