Monday, October 10, 2016

Only 4 days until Chasing the Chesapeake!

Greetings, readers! Today I bring tidings of...well, irritation (for me, anyway). Chasing the Chesapeake is a bare four days away, and an updated schedule/itinerary for it was sent out today. New to the schedule is a raffle of "unique Breyer models, yet to be revealed" at Friday night's dinner. Except we aren't going to be able to attend any of Friday's events due to the earliest flight I could get arriving at 4:45pm. Sigh...

So, I'm going to have to track down somebody to keep me updated on Friday's events. It just irks me because all of the raffles took place on Saturday night at last year's event. Bleh. We'll be busy flying and then picking up our rental car, making our way to the hotel and checking into our room. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much; these are all some real First World Problems (tm).

In other news, there will be a silent auction in addition to the Halloween costume contest on Saturday night. If it's anything like the silent auction at last year's Chicago event, there'll be a Breyerfest vendor pack, a Design Your Own Breyer, some type of test model, and a couple of other things - one of last year's lots was an early release of American Pharoah and the fifth lot was a 2015 Breyerfest Volunteer Model, Parfait. So perhaps there'll be a Caipirinha in the auction this year and an early release of something else - though, we don't even know of very many new releases for next year.

The Halloween costume contest will have three categories, much like the Breyerfest costume contest - Individual Adult, Individual Child and Group. Should be interesting to see, although we aren't participating in the costume contest anyway - too much to bring on the flight with us. We'll have to be content with being wallflowers (something I have a lot of experience with). No word on what the costume contest prizes are.

Ah, well. I'm sure it will be a fun time for all! I'm looking forward to Saturday's activities - I've never seen a three-day event, or cross-country, before. Should be exciting! I'll be counting down the days for sure.

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