Thursday, October 20, 2016

The 2017 Premier Club is now open!

Well, we didn't get the rest of yesterday's sneak peek, but this is just as good! The 2017 Premier Club is now taking subscribers for next year!

Morgen's new sculpture certainly looks snazzy with clothes on! His official name is "True North." Unfortunately, I'm still not terribly excited about it, though I'll join the club regardless. Maybe once I get him in hand I'll like him more.

It also seems odd that they didn't list the other two sculptors for next year's club - maybe it's an accidental omission and they'll add it in later. The club is open until 12/31, so there's plenty of time to join! My collector club membership doesn't expire until 11/5, I believe, so I'll probably wait until then to join (I'd also like to wait until the 2017 Stablemate Club is available so I can join all three at the same time).

I'm still waiting to find out what this year's last Premier horse is, Breyer... *taps foot*

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