Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The 2017 Vintage Club offerings have been revealed!

The moment we all may or may not have been waiting for has arrived - the 2017 Vintage Club reveal!

Woohoo, I predicted two of the molds! I was expecting it to be zero! I'm really not good at predicting things. Interesting that they used Sham (a mold released in 1984) and the Classic Quarter Horse Family. So I'm wondering if their definition of Vintage ends in 1985, or possibly even later. I definitely wasn't expecting the CQH Family, because, well, they aren't Traditionals and I thought this was a Trad club.

So, our releases are: the Clydesdale Mare and Foal in glossy San Domingo paint;
Gambler's choice FAS in the original decorator colors;
The Classic Quarter Horse Family in some type of pinto;
a "glossy pinto deco Sham";
and the Stablemate freebies are the G1 twin foals.

Nothing there that I have to have, but that's not really a surprise. More money to spend on other things, I guess!

One of the new things they're doing this year is including accessories with some of the horses. As seen in the photo, the Clyde Mare/Foal will have blankets, as a callback to the old '70s releases with the green blankets, and the Sham will come with a vintage-style Arabian halter. All of these models will also come with carrying cases as well.

Interesting that the CQHF and Sham appear to have modern paint jobs, as I'd thought they settled on having the regular Vintage Club models be vintage molds in vintage colors, while the optional release was a modern mold with a vintage color. But this is Breyer we're talking about; they must not want to be too predictable. Hopefully they don't take too long revealing what color the Sham is; he almost looks like the fabled "Green Eggs and Sham" release from the 1990s, but in glossy. Perish the thought!

I couldn't help but notice the "Opportunity to purchase an exclusive special run!!" verbiage in the second photo. I wonder if this will be the Classic Swaps that was available to be voted on at Breyerfest? Photo by me.

The sign does say it's for one of next year's Club web specials. So I wonder if this will be next year's "optional" Vintage Club release, or a web special only available to Vintage Club members? If the latter is the case and you want the Swaps, they'd better not waste much time telling us about it so people who want it can join.

It would also be good to find out what the optional Vintage Club release is, so we can plan on that. Since they didn't reveal it at the same time as the Vintage Club, I have a suspicion that it may be on this year's final Premier Club mold...which is also due to be revealed soon. So my conclusion is: Hurry up and reveal it already, Breyer!

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