Thursday, July 13, 2017

Live Auction Lot 28 - Curiously Meh

The wait is almost over, people! Breyerfest 2017 is almost upon us! In a mere 13 or so hours, the gates at the Kentucky Horse Park will be opened and the ravening hordes will descend. In the meantime, though, we have one more auction lot to get through - and it's on Shannondell!


It's the non-plaited version of the mold! What a shock! He makes an excellent final entry in the live auction lots, though I'm personally rather ambivalent about him. I wasn't all that impressed by the mold when it came out, mostly because of his weird-looking hind leg, and the color doesn't really help. He looks super-detailed, though! I'm sure he'll be another high seller.

Also, the four hidden auction lots showed up on Instagram today, now that they're on display at the KHP's visitor center (thanks to whoever did that...I thought about skulking through the visitor center myself, but decided to stay at the hotel and sell instead). They are a dapple gray Yasmin, blue tiger Ruffian i.e. Padma, glossy black or dark bay PAM, and a chestnut (I think) pinto Roxy. Of those three, only Ruffian would have been in the running to be the surprise, so nothing's really changed in that department. But the mystery will be solved in about 14 hours - we just have to be patient!

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