Monday, July 3, 2017

The Breyerfest 2017 Digital Program is now available!

We're a bare 11 days out from Breyerfest, so they're cutting it close this year - but the digital version of the Breyerfest 2017 program is finally available! See it here.

So, the special run prices are as follows:

Special Run Line items:
Vahana (qty 1700): $65
Kaalee (qty 1600): $65
Diwali (qty 750): $50
Namaste (qty 800): $65
Saffron (qty 1600): $55
Indu (qty 1600): $60
Darjeeling (qty 1300): $60
Bollywood Surprise (qty 3800): $85

Store Specials:
Dally and Spanky (qty 750): $40
Repeat the Beat (qty 1000): $75

Breyer Bazaar:
Marigold (qty 1000): $30
Lotus (qty 750): $18
Holi (qty 1000): $45
Navya (qty 2000): $10
Madhuri (qty 750): $45
Jaipur (qty 750): $18

The prices are about in line with what I thought they'd be, though with the "meh" reaction Saffron got when he was first released, I suspect with those production numbers (1600) that they'll have leftovers of him for years to come. Same with Indu, surprisingly - I could see those dapples being poorly executed and people not wanting to sift through hundreds of him to find a good one, despite the mold's popularity.

Interestingly, it looks like the Dally and Spanky set will come with a little blanket for Spanky! They didn't put that in the original picture. I'm also happy to see the quantity on Repeat the Beat reduced slightly - last year's price and quantity hike on the store specials didn't seem to go over very well, as there were plenty of leftover Dag Dia and Diablo DC models left on Sunday afternoon.

On the pop-up store front, I'm a little disappointed to see Marigold priced at $30, but that is a pretty complicated paint job. I'm glad to see relatively healthy production numbers on Marigold and Navya - it shouldn't be too hard to get my hot little hands on them. I'm a little surprised at Holi's price too, but with all those decals it should have been expected.

Not a whole lot else to report from the program, except there are a larger number of guest horses than I expected - I don't think they announced Hwin, Cobra and PVF Peace of Mind were all attending this year? Maybe I missed that. There's no page for the live auction lots either, but I wasn't expecting that anyway after 2015's "oops" that revealed all of the remaining auction models ahead of time (hah!).

I'm counting down the days to Breyerfest - it'll only be another week and a half before we're all sweltering in the Kentucky heat! Huzzah!

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