Thursday, July 13, 2017

Artisan's Gallery Snapshots!

In lieu of skulking my way through the KHP visitor center today, I wandered through the Artisan's Gallery instead to see if I could get my eye on the special run models for Breyerfest. And, lo and behold...


In the above photo we see Indu, Vahana, Kaalee, Darjeeling and a little bit of Saffron.


And here we see more of the previous, plus Namaste and the rest of Saffron. These are the seven (horse) models that will be available in the special run line, minus the surprise model. I had hoped that if there's a matte/glossy split this year it would be revealed here, but all of the models had the expected finishes.

In this photo we see Diwali, the Official Breyerfest Cow (tm), as well as slightly different angles of Namaste and Saffron, plus the plush horse Lotus.


The Single-Day Stablemates are as cute as expected, though I didn't have the time to examine Tushar and see if he's as butt-high as he looks in photos. I'm still planning on getting Mishti and Vivaan, though. Hopefully we'll have time to get that done tomorrow.

In the above photo we can see the Celebration Model Nazruddin, the plushie elephant Jaipur, the regular elephant Holi and the Classic Marigold. Drool! Marigold must be mine, and I love Nazruddin's box despite my dislike of pink. I'm still not planning on buying a Holi; I don't collect the animal molds and I have reservations about how well-executed those decals will be.

And lastly we have Navya, the curiously attractive clear Stablemate. Gah! I need him. We're going to be getting up really early tomorrow in hopes of getting in line early enough to get our hands on him and Marigold - hopefully we're successful!

I'll close with that - good luck at Breyerfest tomorrow, everybody! Try not to keel over in line - I know I'll be doing my best.

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