Monday, July 10, 2017

Live Auction Lot 24 - Nokota My Heart

We're in the homestretch, people! Only 4 more days until the main event, and some vendors are already at the Clarion selling! And we actually got to see an auction model today, what luck! (Can you tell I'm salty about the hidden lots? Grr.) Today's auction lot is...a Nokota!


Glossy goodness abounds! I love him. If I had the money, I'd try for him, but something tells me a certain Blabber will be bidding on him too! He's a beauty. Well, we already knew the Nokota wouldn't be the surprise, but this at least alleviates any fears about him being the volunteer model. I'm still predicting Croi for the volunteer! I hope tomorrow brings something just as exciting! We're getting on the road for Kentucky today and my husband is bringing his laptop, so hopefully blogging the rest of the week won't be as hair-pullingly annoying as it has been in the past. I'm hoping to be able to blog each day of Breyerfest as it happens, so stay tuned for exciting updates! 

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