Friday, July 7, 2017

Live Auction Lot 21 - Chump Change

Live Auction Lot 21 is now on the website, after yesterday's Lot 20, one of the Breyerfest Live prizes we'd already seen (ha! I was right). Lot 21 is on what I like to call a "chump change" mold, the Trakehner:

I call it "chump change" because the mold isn't in high demand, so I doubt it'll sell for much over $1000, if it even brings that much. The paint job is nice, though. The website describes it as a "Flaxen Dapple Liver Chestnut." That's a color I wouldn't mind seeing on a lot of other molds - and are his mane and tail pearly? Yum. The color looks vaguely like Brishen's, but executed better. Interestingly, the model has the updated tail they put on the Trakehner a while back, which looks way better than the original blah-looking tail; I wish they'd updated his mane while they were at it, though. I'm slightly irritated that they decided to photograph the horse's off side here, but they probably wanted to show off the mane.

Can't wait to see what they show us tomorrow! We only have one week left until Breyerfest is upon us!

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