Saturday, July 8, 2017

Live Auction Lot 22 - AND THE CROWD GOES WILD

Stunning upset as Saturday's live auction lot is revealed to be on the polo pony version of Smarty Jones, a mold many had thought would be the surprise! What could Breyer possibly have up their sleeves next?!
Okay, maybe I'm being a little overly dramatic, but I certainly wasn't expecting an auction Smarty this late in the game. I stand by my original surprise prediction of the Moody Andalusian until I'm proven wrong, though!


There's a possibility that they're going to pull another 2011 and sneak a rare variation into the surprises, and throw one of them into the auction - but they haven't done that since, and we have no reason to expect that to happen now.

Another limited polo pony version of many are we up to now, three or four? His pattern is interesting - he looks like he's wearing his own white Sleazy Sleepwear or something. I wonder if he has an "eyehole" on the opposite side, too? We'll find out Friday, I guess.

Also, here's what the news post has to say about the model:

Saturdays are for Smartys!
Smarty Jones that is! Lot 23 is this eye-catching dapple chestnut manchado pinto on the ‘polo pony' version of the Smarty Jones mold. This is mold 586 and was first introduced in 2004. Susan Carlton Sifton sculpted this

Maybe my inner grammar nerd is just being crotchety, but...who's writing these things, the interns? At least bother to finish your sentence (and write something more inspired than that).  Bleh.

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