Monday, February 6, 2017

The Rainier emails have gone out!

And I was drawn on two accounts! Yay! This beauty will be coming home to join his 18 brothers!


I have a really poor track record for getting drawn for the more popular web specials - most of the time it seems I don't get drawn unless it's for something nobody else likes. So, I'm ecstatic that I won twice! I'm hoping I can trade the second Rainier for something nice, possibly other web specials I missed out on in the past. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I'll be waiting for my Rainiers to wing their way in my direction - he is so beautiful and I was sure I'd never be drawn for him. Congratulations to all the other lucky winners!

So I wonder what we'll get in the series next? Perhaps some type of pink/purple sunset decorator, named Purple Mountain Majesties? Glossy, of course. But probably not, since Rainier was our mountain. Or a nice blond sorrel or frosted buttermilk buckskin, on Smarty or Carrick, named Amber Waves of Grain? Ooh, ooh! Weather Girl in glossy alabaster, named Alabaster Cities Gleam! Please, Breyer? That's what I'm hoping for, anyway. We'll have wait and see!

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