Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Rainiers are here!

Good news, everyone! My Rainiers came today, a day earlier than expected! Here are some quick cell phone pics.

Look how handsome they are! Here's a better look at Rainier #1.



So handsome! Here's Rainier #2.

Unfortunately, both of them have small, irritating flaws.

The first one had a decent paint job, but very visible seams on the mane and between the ears, and a very slightly bent left eartip.

The second one's seams were much better, but he has little flecks of white on his butt from the roaning, various little smudges on his haunch and hind leg, and a small rub on his (not bent) left eartip. So, I'm currently unsure which one I want to keep. I'm not sure if either's flaws would warrant an exchange, and I have yet to ever exchange a model, because it doesn't seem worth the hassle to me...bleh.

Oh well. He's beautiful and I love him anyways! Hopefully I can trade the second one for something good in the future. In the meantime, onto the shelf they go!


  1. They're gorgeous! You've probably heard that Kirstin from Breyer said they were getting very low on replacements. I bet you can trade your extra for something else really good! Maybe another on the America The Beautiful series you don't get picked for? Congrats on getting two of these handsome guys!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I emailed them about a replacement yesterday and they said they'll know more about the replacement stock situation on Monday. I was thinking I might try to exchange the one with the seam issues. I'm hoping to be able to trade the extra one for something nice, but I hadn't thought about future America the Beautiful releases - good suggestion! Hopefully the subsequent releases are as nice as this one.