Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Breyerfest teaser! Already?!

There's a new post on the Breyerfest blog today - another teaser photo! With yet another misuse of peak, unfortunately. Behold:

I'm surprised that they added another teaser so soon. Interesting color there - some type of buckskin, perhaps? With all that mapping and those dapples, I'm guessing it's a raffle model - I don't think they'd reveal another store special or SR line model quite so soon. I don't think it's a "store Connoisseur," either, because there wasn't one last year and the previous two didn't exactly light the world on fire. So, what mold is it? Without access to any of my models to compare, I'm thinking Yasmin, though that would blow my theory of her being a SR line model out of the water (depressingly). Only time will tell - let's hope they show us the rest of it on Friday!

Edit: Looking at the other possibilities on IDYB, I'm thinking this is a mare because I don't see a sheath in the photo. This narrows the possibilities quite a bit. I'm still thinking Yasmin as my first guess, but it could also be Forever Saige, maybe Bobby Jo or possibly the PAM (the latter seems slightly more likely if it's indeed a raffle model). Unless I'm forgetting someone, Breyer's other mare molds  a) don't have the hind legs in the right position; b) are too round in the barrel area, or c) don't seem popular enough to be used. But I could be wrong - hopefully we'll find out on Friday! Or sooner, for that matter.

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