Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Coco is now available!

Coco, the first release of the 2017 Stablemate Club, is now ready to order!

I'm a little irked that they released her today, when they could have done it yesterday so I could combine shipping with Rainier. Either that or I should have waited a day to order my Rainier, but it's not like I'm psychic, right? At least we didn't have to wait until the last week of February to order her - I'll have to content myself with that. Let's hope they're good, quality-wise. Last year's Primrose left a lot to be desired with the nose issues and problems with the paint job.

Our Coco models will be for sale, sadly - she's pretty, but I don't collect the G1 Stablemates. Bring on the rest of the releases! Only two short months until we find out what the next one is - I'm looking forward to it!

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