Friday, February 3, 2017

Saffron has been revealed!

The first Breyerfest special run is now up, and it's...Saffron!

As we all suspected, Saffron is on the new Geronimo mold. I like him! The blog describes him thusly:
Saffron is a minimal splash Paint in yellow dun on the Geronimo mold (#733), which was first released last year as a part of the 2016 Premier Collection. Saffron has leg bars and a majestic dorsal stripe and his coat has a bit of a pearly-sheen. Our first BreyerFest Gateway to India Special Run model has a touch of the iconic golden-yellow color and lives up to his namesake.

He's certainly handsome. I can't wait to get one! I'm especially looking forward to seeing what his "pearly-sheen" is. I love pearly! This is definitely a promising start to our Breyerfest lineup. I hope we get to see more soon!

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