Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Breyerfest Teaser and...Hwin!

So Breyer put up a new sneak peek on the blog today (with the correct usage of peek, finally). Here it is:


I honestly have no idea what that is. Looks like a horse butt to me, but whose? And what's the S? Why is it so big? It kind of looks like the horse has a pattern on its butt in addition to the S. Opinions I've seen on Blab and Facebook range from Yasmin to Adios to Man O' War to Idocus. Maybe Lonesome Glory? Or possibly El Pastor? I don't know. Whatever it is, I've spent way too much time staring at model horse butts trying to figure it out. Hopefully they show it to us tomorrow instead of making us wait all weekend!

In other news, I decided to order a Hwin with one of my Rainiers, and she got here yesterday. In my Breyerfest predictions, Hwin was one of my choices for this year's glossy prize models - the glossy prizes are usually on brand new releases, and Hwin would make a worthy addition!  Here are some photos of mine!

Looks like I got a darker one. There's been an amazing number of variations for this color that I've seen in various places; it almost makes me regret not collecting variations. One per release is enough for me, thanks.

I was hoping her dapples would look less like chicken wire, but I guess I expected it from the prototype.


Even her eyes were decently painted! She was generally pretty nice, other than the chicken-wire dapples (no box or nose rubs! Yay!), but has a lot of shiny marks for some reason.

Here's one last view of her face - I loved how light it was on the off side!

I hope Breyer actually comes through and releases Moondance in April - I need more Saiges in my collection!

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