Friday, February 24, 2017

The Breyerfest Sunday Raffle has been revealed!

Oh, snap! I was way off there. I thought the picture was of a mare - clearly that area is too dark to show a sheath. I give you - Rangoli, on True North!


So is it safe to assume that at least one raffle model will be on a current-year Premier Club mold from now on? I'm not really sure how I feel about that - Breyer is bending, if not outright breaking, one of the main tenets of the Premier Club - that models on those sculpts will only be available to PC members until the following year. They did this last year with Areia on the Geronimo mold as well. Now, this doesn't bother me a whole lot, because it's not like a run of 26 is a wide release, but...still. So, here's a shot of the model's other side.


He is quite pretty, and at least I guessed the color correctly, but for whatever reason I'm just not a fan of this mold. I wasn't a fan of Wyatt or Bobby Jo either (nothing against the sculpting artist, but I did make an exception for Avalanche). So, my True North will be sold when he gets to me. Which is fine; I usually sell at least one PC release every year. I'll still buy some raffle tickets for this one, because I always do, but if I win him he won't be staying. Hey, at least I'd be able to make back some of the costs of going in the first place! And this means my hopes of Yasmin in the special run line are still alive!

Here's the descriptive blurb from the blog:
Well, the wait is over - meet Rangoli! Named for his complicated belly spot and his very handsome overall appearance, the Sunday Raffle model is on Morgen Kilbourn's new Cantering Warmblood model (mold 739). This majestic horse is a sooty dappled buckskin with sabino markings. His single stocking, double socks, and white heel add to his complex design which also includes a partial blue eye and the aforementioned belly spot.
 Named for his complicated belly spot, you say? The one you can barely see in either of the photos? Maybe an extra shot of the belly spot might have been a good idea, eh? Well, we'll see him in person soon enough.

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