Thursday, August 11, 2016

Triton is here!

My Triton arrived a couple of days ago! Here's a pic:

He's quite the handsome fellow.

I was a little worried that the elastic cord holding the info card around his neck would leave yellow residue in his gloss (it happened with my Let's Celebrate), but fortunately, that wasn't an issue. I didn't see any other major flaws when I was looking him over, so this "Sharpieloosa," as some are calling him, is free to join the rest of my herd!

Let's hope they keep doing these Classics special runs in the future. I have around 20 Classics models in my collection, but wouldn't mind having more. The problem is, I don't collect most of the available molds, so hopefully they can get some new ones added to the lineup.

I know Reeves would like the brand to be more popular, because it was one of the questions they asked us in the focus group I was part of at Breyerfest 2013. The group's suggestions included coming out with more new molds, better sculptors, and (my suggestion) more special runs. So far, they seem to have followed that advice fairly well - Flurry, Frosty, Julien/Sophia/Cosette, the two unicorn mare and foal sets, Andreus, and now Triton (and probably others I'm forgetting) have all been released since that focus group happened. We've had two new molds: the repurposed porcelain Sir Buckingham and Harper, both sculpted by Sommer Prosser. So we know they are at least trying to make the Classics more of a hot item. Let's hope they continue those efforts in the future...and cross our fingers for a matching Shire B! Go Sebastian!

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