Thursday, August 4, 2016 Web Exclusive - Triton

So, the latest addition to the Breyer web site is the new Classics special run, Triton. He's certainly an...interesting fellow.

Despite his amateurish paint job, I ordered one, because I'm always happy to expand my Classic Shire A conga. The bonus? He's glossy! And he really doesn't look that bad. I definitely prefer him over the Pluto from the Let's Go Riding English set:
While I may be biased - as I've never been a fan of the Pluto mold - I'm not going to lie. I definitely like Triton better, even though The Little Mermaid was the first thing I thought of when I saw the name (why didn't they save it for a run similar to Under the Sea?).

There's no indication of a piece count for this release, but I'd guess around 1,000. Seems like I remember Flurry's run being around that number (back when you could add more than 12 of them to your cart at a time to see how many were left).

His price is a little bit higher than I would expect a Classic to cost: $35. Flurry and Frosty were both $25 if I remember right. Of course, there are already profit-seekers on eBay trying to sell him for $45 or more. It never fails. At least wait until it sells out, people.

Triton is available for purchase here - no collector club membership required. He does qualify for the Collector Club discount, surprisingly. It'll be interesting to see when/if this run sells out, and it does beg the question: are they going to make a Shire B to match? If so, I suggest he be named Sebastian!

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