Thursday, August 18, 2016

Breyerfest Leftovers Are Up!

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived - Breyerfest leftovers have been posted to Breyer's website!

Included in this virtual truckload of goodies are items from several Breyerfests past, including Stunt Double and the Dances with Wolves porcelain from 2010, Wish on a Star and the Aurora porcelain from 2011, Prince of Chintz from 2012, and many, many other things!

Fortunately, none of it was anything I needed. I was surprised to see the Platinum Star from 2014 listed. He was the hottest item on the list at Breyerfest that year (luckily for me, as I don't collect the mold), so I was surprised that any of them were still available. I am less surprised that Stunt Double (2010) is still available, as I remember seeing leftovers of her in the Breyer store at Breyerfest 2012 and 2013. Seems someone overestimated the popularity of that special run, and/or failed to take into account that we'd already seen an Indian Pony in pretty much that exact same colorway back in 2002 with High Sierra.

I was also surprised to see Namib listed among this year's leftovers, as I'd thought I heard she sold out on Sunday afternoon. Clearly, word of mouth isn't always to be trusted. Mamacita and Chico appear to have sold out on the website, however, so they must not have had as many of them left over at the event as I thought.

I have seen some grumbling that these models aren't available to the general Collector Club masses, but it makes sense. If they were made available to the general public, it wouldn't be fair to those of us who bought the tickets, traveled to the events, stood in all those horrible lines, and so on. It removes the incentive to actually GO to the event. A large part of Breyer's marketing is that these models are only available at Breyerfest. Sure, they're breaking their own rules a little bit by putting them on the website in the first place, but limiting it to 3-day-ticket-holders only helps to keep things exclusive. Just my two cents on the matter.

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