Friday, August 26, 2016

Breaking news! Mid-States special run revealed!

This year's Mid-States special run has been revealed - Chance!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone screenshot - it's hard to post from the road. So, Chase is a "red dun pinto" on the Zippo Pine Bar mold. The mystery is solved! I know we were all scratching our heads last year when a special run named Chase showed up on a list of SKUs, only to never appear. The only question now is why he showed up on last year's list. I suppose the most logical explanation is that, since these models are planned years in advance, he probably just slipped onto the list by accident.

My wallet, at least, is sighing in relief. Another model I don't need to buy! I liked Zippo better when he first came out (though I've never owned any examples of the mold), but that faded along with my liking for stock horses in general. Now, if the Tractor Supply SR turns out to also be something I don't want, they'll have achieved the trifecta of second-half-of-the-year releases, with Chance and Gideon. With Chasing the Chesapeake now coming up on the horizon, I need all the breaks from spending I can get!

The rumor on Blab is that more releases will be announced this weekend, so I might have more to post later! Ahh, the excitement!

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