Thursday, August 25, 2016


Tickets for Chasing the Chesapeake went up for sale today, and boy howdy, Chesapeake is a winner!

I had been thinking just the other day that Breyer needed to use Giselle for something, and they came through with this! I love her. While I was hoping the ticket model would be on a Ruffian, I am not disappointed with this one at all. Though I am a little less than impressed with that Photoshop job, but that's nothing new.

I did snag two tickets to the event, as I was (more or less) able to figure out how to rearrange my work schedule so we could attend. Barring any unforeseen disasters, I should be able to travel to Delaware in two months and, ideally, report from the event as it unfolds! I'm excited to see what the special runs are. I'm still hoping for a Ruffian, Totilas, Smarty, maybe a Carrick. I'm not really sure what other models they would use, with the eventing theme. Maybe Salinero, though I don't collect him. So many possibilities! Maybe this year they'll announce the special runs in advance. It's so cruel to make us wait all the way up to the event itself to find out what they are!

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