Saturday, August 6, 2016

2nd 2016 Collector Club Special Run - Gideon

One of the new releases shown at Breyerfest was the upcoming second Collector Club Special Run model Gideon on the Smart Chic Olena mold. Photos I took at Breyerfest:

I'm not entirely sure what that color is, honestly. Looks like some type of dark buckskin or bay?

In any case, I won't be ordering him, as I don't collect the SCO. Nothing particular against the mold; I'm just not that into stock horse molds for whatever reason.

The same thing happened with last year's Tallulah; nice color, but not on a mold I collect. I ended up selling my Latigo because he wasn't growing on me. Same with Wyatt and Bobby Jo. I do like Geronimo, however, so he must be the exception to the rule. I also liked Roxy (only on her show side), but not enough to pay the big bucks most of her releases tend to sell for, so I finally gave up and sold my three at Breyerfest this year.

I guess the upside is that my wallet will be happy. Better luck next time!

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