Monday, August 29, 2016

And then...not much.

Slow news day today. I thought we'd see more information released after Friday's bombshells, but there's not much to report except rumors about this year's Tractor Supply model or models. Apparently, according to sources on Blab and the Modelholics Anonymous Facebook group,  the SR's name is Santana, and there may be another named Garrett. However, I'm not convinced that Garrett won't end up like Chance and show up next year.

Personally, if Santana is the TSC model, I hope it's on Forever Saige (though that may be a minority opinion). I like her sassy expression, and would definitely enjoy having another to join my 3 in throwing shade everywhere they look. We'll just have to wait and see! It shouldn't be too terribly long now until those are finally revealed.

Not much new to report on the Chasing the Chesapeake front, either. I've managed to switch my work days so we can go, but I'm anxiously awaiting the full schedule release so we can get to planning. My job requires coverage almost 24/7, so the fewer days I'm gone, the happier my supervisor will be. So I'll be waiting until we get the full schedule to buy plane tickets and make a hotel reservation. Ugh! Hurry up already!

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