Monday, January 23, 2017

Breyerfest Blog Updates

As of last week, the Breyerfest Blog on Breyer's website has begun posting new things related to this year's Breyerfest Gateway to India. I couldn't help but notice they posted some new information about Sokkar, the Early Bird raffle model.

Sokkar is a shaded black, minimal Splash Pinto on Kathleen Moody's Icelandic mold, number 729. His super high gloss finish is set off with four stockings, a big blaze, and two mesmerizing blue eyes.

I had been thinking Sokkar's paint job actually reminded me a lot of Fox Valley Oliver's, especially the glossy prize FVO (although, on further inspection, Sokkar has more white on his feet than FVO). But if Sokkar is a splash pinto, could he have some white markings on his other side? It would be interesting if we could see a photo of his other side (cough, cough).

In other news, today's post gives some history about Marwari horses and Nazruddin, the Celebration Horse. His owner, Francesca Kelly, donated three horses to the Kentucky Horse Park, which can be seen at the Breeds Barn; here's my (bad) photo of one of them from a few years back.

Wow, I forgot that was from 2012. Here's the same horse in its stall later.


We'll have to swing by the Breed Barn this year and say hello - we've missed the Parade of Breeds the last few years we've been there.

Anyway, now that the blog is being updated, hopefully they start showing us some of this year's releases. Maybe this week? One can only dream.

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