Friday, January 13, 2017

Moondance is now available for preorder!

Collector Club members: Moondance is now available for preorder here

She's supposed to ship in April according to the fine print, but we'll see if that actually happens. That's significantly earlier than any previous CC special run has shipped out. Here's her off side:


 And she only costs $65 - that's practically a bargain! She's a nice color, and I like her pattern on her show side. Kinda wish the off side pattern was a little more like the show side, but we can't have everything. I'll be preordering her, and I can't wait to add her to my herd. I'll be looking for a Hwin, too, so I can add her to my group of boss mares. The sooner this girl is at my house, the better! The preorder deadline is 1/31 with a $20 deposit, so get your orders in!

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