Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Releases: Fantasia del C/Gozosa, Palomino Liam are here!

Greetings, readers! Exciting news today - my preorders of Fantasia del C and Gozosa and the new palomino "Morgan" Liam arrived! Without further they are! I'll start with the Liam.


Part of a set with the AQHA Foal/Frolicking Classic Foal (still in the box, because he's for sale), this set is being sold as a "Palomino Morgan and Foal" set. I was pleasantly surprised to see that both models have a shimmery sheen to their coats, rather than being a flat palomino. The only way I'd like this color better would be if the mane and tail were whiter, rather than having a lot of the body color fade into it. Quality-wise, I was a bit disappointed - no box rubs, but he has a big smear in the shimmer on his left haunch.

Next, Fantasia del C:

This pretty mare appears to be basecoated in white! She looks a lot like Sahran, actually. Hermosa looks pretty good in white/gray! She doesn't have any major quality issues, but is iffy about standing - always a risk with trotting models. Seems like Brigitte has done a lot of iffy-trotting sculpts for Breyer...

I'm not sure how I feel about Fantasia's eyes, though. Behold:

Her eyes aren't fully painted, which is weird-looking. Is it Breyer's quick way to add some "eyewhites," or is it just something new they're trying? Her eye on the other side is painted slightly more than this one is, but there's still a lot of blank white eyeball there. Also, my Fantasia doesn't appear to have a VIN, which is odd.

Lastly, we have Gozosa, daughter of Fantasia:

Her horseshoe brand is cute! Unfortunately, "she" apparently fell victim to poor planning, as it appears these models still have their sheaths; you'd think it would have been relatively simple to grind that off while polishing the models, but apparently not. Like Fantasia, I didn't see any major paint flaws on this model, and she (he?) does have a VIN. Not sure what's going on there. He/she's eyes are painted normally, though.

So, that's all I've got for today. Hopefully we get some new Breyerfest news soon; I'm dying over here!

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