Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chestnut Liam and Mini Geronimo are here!

Greetings, readers! Good news - I finally got my hands on the new chestnut Liam, and my Premier Club Mini Geronimo came today! Let's start with Liam.

I have yet to find a color I don't like this mold in. He's just so handsome! I love his shading here, although I have to admit I'd have liked a paintjob more akin to Abdul's with the dark points. And he doesn't have box rubs - score another one for Breyer's QC! I found this pretty guy at Toys 'R' Us along with most of the rest of the new Classics, but presumably he'll be available at other places as well, plus the Breyer website.

Next, we have Mini Geronimo!

This little mare is very nicely done - I didn't see a flaw on her anywhere. I was a little irked that they didn't manage to get these sent out before Christmas, but at least we got her at all - we didn't get the free Stablemate for the first time until 2014. She matches the original Geronimo pretty closely, though I was sad to note she's made from ABS - I'd hoped for cellulose acetate, but oh well. She's pretty, but I'm just not into the mold, so she'll be for sale at some point.

That's all I've got for today. Tomorrow is Friday - let's hope we get another exciting Breyerfest-related announcement!

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