Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bits and Bobs and Catching Up

Looks like Breyer is getting some housekeeping items out of the way today. I saw on Facebook that they'd finally done the raffle for Stablemate Club members - apparently they put everyone into a drawing for a set of all four colors of Diesel. Congratulations to the winner, Katherine D. of MA! Honestly, I don't even remember them saying anything about a raffle last year when we were signing up for the Stablemate Club, but I'm glad someone did. Seems like the raffle, and a lot of other things, got pushed to the back burner along with all the other product delays we had last year. Hopefully they can get it together this year now that they've (theoretically) worked out the bugs from last year. Jury's still out on whether Coco will be released this month as was advertised, though.
Another belated announcement via Facebook today: the winner of the first Yasmin off the production line!
She sure looks nice on a stand. Congrats to Chandler S from VA!
Next: Live Show Benefit Program information has been announced for this year, including this year's LSBP horse! Meet Reno!
He's certainly handsome! Interesting that Buckshot is getting another super-limited release this year after last year's Beyerfest Diorama Contest prize model Pele. Maybe they're going to use him for a wider release soon? We'll have to wait and see. And, according to the benefit program information, the kids' raffle model will be last year's Classics Horse of the Year Harper in glossy. Fun!
And lastly, word on the street (aka Blab) is that the 2016 Premier Club Stablemate, Mini Geronimo, is finally shipping out. Keep an eye on your mailbox for her!

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