Thursday, January 5, 2017

CollectA/Corral Pals: Addendum

I've been thinking about yesterday's post about the new Corral Pals. I said I wasn't interested in buying any of them, but it does seem a little unfair for me to not talk about them simply because I'm not personally interested in them. One of the main reasons I created this blog was to keep people informed about all new Breyer releases, not just the ones I'm interested in.

So, I took another look at the Corral Pals. Some of the molds do appeal to me - my disinterest in them stems from my lack of interest in buying vinyl models; if they were cellulose acetate I'd probably be more interested. That said, I have been known to buy a Schleich or two for my niece and nephew, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that I could buy some of these for them.

So, here are a few of the sculpts that caught my eye:

The Friesian Stallion is definitely attractive. I generally like Friesian-type models, and if I spotted this in a store I'd have a hard time not picking it up.

The Hanoverian Stallion is also handsome. From this angle he looks a lot like Geronimo, though I admit I'm not a fan of the banged tail look. But, moving on.

I've been wishing Breyer would do a Lipizzaner in this pose for quite a while, so this one I definitely like. I think he could use some more mane and tail, though.

Here's the Arabian. I like her, although I wish her tail wasn't in poop position. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but that's the first thing my husband would notice if I bought one and then I'd never be able to see anything else.

The Knabstrupper Mare is kinda fun. It'll be interesting to see what other colors she's released in.

The Appaloosa Stallion looks nice, despite my general dislike for stock horses.  Not so sure about the mottling on his face, though.

So, those were the models that looked interesting at a glance. It looks like these will be available for sale in the same manner as the CollectAs: on an open shelf, similar to the way Schleichs are sold. So, next time I'm looking for a present for my niece/nephews, I'll have to try to find these.

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