Friday, January 6, 2017

My Christmas Ponies Arrived!

Okay, technically they came a few days ago, but I've had a few more important things to post about since then. So, here they are! I got Frankincense/Myrrh!

I think the red one would be Frankincense? I'm not completely sure. His red color is a little more pink than I was expecting, but I think it plus the pearly effect makes him look like he's made out of candy. Yes, please. Next: Myrrh!


I'm a bit less enthused about this one's color, because it kinda screams "US Army." I think something more akin to Ivy's color would have looked better, although Ivy was a pretty dark green. Maybe they had issues getting the colors to look right - I remember hearing about a Breyer factory tour a couple of years ago - maybe during Big Easy Bash? - where they saw the Christmas decorators being worked on and were having problems getting the colors right.

Quality-wise, they were both fine - I won't say they're flawless, but anything I noticed was minor. I've seen so many photos of broken tails on Facebook/Blab that I was worried mine would be broken too, but they both arrived in one piece.

Although I was hoping one of my two would be the gold one, I'm not going to complain too much - because at least I got two different colors. I'll have to set my sights on finding a Gold later on. I'm looking forward to seeing what Breyer comes up with next year - the candy cane zebra someone mentioned on Blab would be excellent!

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