Saturday, September 10, 2016

Santana and Garrett have been revealed!

We finally know what this year's Tractor Supply special runs are: Garrett, a bay roan Smart Chic, and Santana, a bay pinto Silver! Photos courtesy of a Blabber (used with permission):


And Santana:

I'm glad we finally know what these are! The suspense was killing me. And I'm thrilled that one of them is on Silver! I've been hoping they would start to use him more again. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since they used him for Breyerfest and as a web special this year. It's very similar to what they did with all the Goffert runs in 2014 (BF celebration model, then web special Kashmir, then Halloween Horse, so not quite the same). His appearance does look a little more like the Treasure Hunt bay pinto than I would prefer, but it's not a deal-breaker by any means.

Garrett's color looks like buckskin from a distance, but the box describes him as bay roan, and if you look closely at the photo he does appear to have roaning.

So, I foresee a trip to our "local" TSC in the near future! I won't be buying Garrett since I don't collect SCO, but the Santana will definitely be coming home with me.


  1. I like Garrett's color, but I don't collect SCO either so I won't be getting it. I don't collect Silver either so my wallet is safe for the moment. Hahaha

  2. There's always a mix of relief and disappointment when Breyer comes out with a new release I don't need to buy. Relief, because my wallet gets a break, and disappointment because I wanted it to be something I'd want! But at least we have a lot of new stuff to look forward to.

    We did stop at our local TSC today. Nothing was out yet, but they had the shelves cleared and they had a paper printout showing how everything would be arranged on the shelf. The date said 9/19, so I'm guessing everything should be out on that date (though I'll be checking again a few times before then to make sure).