Friday, September 2, 2016

Featured Model - 9/2/2016, Gypsy Vanner

Hello and welcome to another installment of Featured Model! This week's model is the Gypsy Vanner on the Brishen mold:

The Brishen mold #723, sculpted by Kathleen Moody, was released back in 2012 through the Premier Club, and the bay pinto Gypsy Vanner iteration (#1497) came out as a regular run in 2013 and is still in the regular line as of this writing.

Brishen seems to be another one of those Moody molds that you either love or hate. For the record, I am on the "love" side. His floofy awesomeness endears him to me a lot, and this paint job looks really good on him. I love his fluffy white feet and tail, and he's just the right shade of bay to make him stand out. This is what the original Brishen paint job probably should have been (I'll admit that was subpar, other than the pearly mane and tail). The only thing that could make this particular individual better would be if he were metallic and had pearly whites. I love that effect! This model must be popular with somebody, however, as he's been a RR since 2013 with no sign of being discontinued yet.

This guy was a Christmas gift from my husband, so I named him "Holiday Road" because of the song's association with the Christmas Vacation movie. (Further research reveals this song was used in several Vacation movies, but not Christmas Vacation. Oh well, I'm not going to change the horse's name.) It's hard for me to pick names for models because they all end up sounding really stupid in my head, but if I can tie the name to the horse's color and/or circumstances surrounding how I got it, it's not so bad. (I also tend to pick one-word names so I can more easily remember them, but that's another story.)

I do also like this mold's "twin," the Laredo version of the mold. Yes, he has noodly legs. Does that make me like him any less? No. Novelisto is one of my favorite models - they really got the paint job right with that one. I wouldn't mind seeing every model in Breyer's lineup in that color. Realism of the sculpt doesn't matter to me so much as the mold just being aesthetically pleasing (to me). I expect that the Brishens and Laredos will have homes with me for many years to come.

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  1. Agree! :) Personal "like" factor HAS to be a HUGE consideration! :)