Saturday, September 17, 2016

Grab Bags

For whatever reason, I neglected to make a post about Collector Club grab bags coming back.
Not that it really matters now, as it looks like they may have sold out.

I've never been all that excited about the grab bags. I remember people getting great stuff from them years ago, but have yet to ever buy one myself. In the old days I was too poor, and nowadays all they send out is Breyerfest leftovers and the stuff no one wants that just ends up kicking around the warehouse for years.

What sort of great stuff, you ask? I'm not sure I even remember all of it, except back in 2010 someone ordered all 8 grab bags and got an artist proof Silverado. It seems like a few other people who ordered all of the bags got Alborozos, as well? Like I said, I was too poor to even buy one grab bag at the time, so I didn't pay a whole lot of attention. Seems like the bag contents included WEG horses, discontinued stock and old Breyerfest leftovers - not all that different from what we get now, really.

So, I doubt I'll ever order a grab bag. These days I can get all or most of the Breyerfest models I want at the event, or on the website afterward, and not knowing what you're going to receive when you order has always been something I'm not a fan of. That's why I've also never sprung for a Premier Club blind bag - too much risk that you'll end up with something you can't even sell for what you paid for it.

Speaking of Premier Club blind bags, however, I have an idea for how to get rid of all the Premier Club leftovers - gloss them! That'd clear the warehouse out pretty quick - especially since they seem to have strayed away from letting us pick a matte or glossy finish for one of the releases. 
The gloss-the-leftovers approach also seems to work well for the Vintage Club optional release, so I'd say to have at it!

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