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Featured JAH - 2/24/2024, May/June 1998

 Hello and welcome to another edition of Featured JAH! This week's issue is May/June 1998 - fitting, since it's starting to feel like spring around here. Well, let's get going! 

On the front cover, Erin Go Bragh and rider take a cross-country jump. On the back cover, Hollywood Dun It's model makes its debut and Country Dun It (son of Hollywood Dun It) is announced as a Breyerfest 1998 guest horse. 

In the Editor's Desk, Stephanie talks about various new Breyer products and announces the Celebration Horse - Rejoice, the first time a brand-new mold was introduced as the Breyerfest Celebration Model. Also, the photo of Thundervision is revealed! I knew I'd seen him somewhere. On page 3 is a Breyerfest update with a brief overview of guest horses and workshops. 

On page 4 we have an article about Rejoice, and on page 5 is an article about Erin Go Bragh. 

On page 6 is the rest of the Erin Go Bragh article, and on page 7 is a preview of various 1998 special run models, including Europa, a model I badly wanted at the time. I did get one eventually, but sold him off later with the rest of my Hanoverian models (still a little sad about that because Art Deco was one of my favorite carpet herd models). 

After skipping an article about roans, on page 10-11 we have a Brushstrokes article about the creation of Cigar. Gotta say I like the almost-completed sculpture better than the eventual final result. 

On page 12-13 is an article about various vintage models and their value (the price estimates may be a little outdated). 

After skipping an article about the gaits of the horse and a western arena trail judge's clinic, in this issue's centerfold is the reveal of the new Rejoice mold. She was a sensation at the time! 

On page 22 is the rest of the 1998 special runs and the Breyerfest preview. On page 23 is the beginning of an article about three-day eventing horses, including eventual Breyerfest Celebration Horse Molokai. 

On page 24-25 is the rest of the article about three-day eventers.

After skipping an article about propmaking, we come to page 28 and some short blurbs about Country Dun It and Hollywood Dun It. I always thought Hollywood Dun It was so beautiful, but never had his Breyer model. I cropped out the first page of Horse Trader on page 29. 

Finally, we come to the conclusion of this week's issue, with the Vintage Point article featuring the Indian Pony. 

That's it for this week - check back next week for July/Aug 1998! 

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